• Set up single member company
  • SECIL, Companhia Geral de Cal e Cimentos, S.A., as a client of reference


  • Change legal designation of company to Manuel Carvalhosa & Ca, Lda


  • Construction of a conveyor belt for the extraction and transport of palm oil. Services performed for Extraction De Smet N.V. in Belgium


  • Acquisition of land in Perre
  • Acoustic isolation of KOVAKO machines (cement vacuum), SECIL
  • Machining of several components and parts for ENVC, Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo, EP (national shipyard)


  • PORTUCEL VIANA, S.A., paper industry, as a client of reference


  • Construction of silo for peeling wood logs for Portucel Viana
  • Construction of hydraulic cylinders and arms for Kovako machines, SECIL


  • Dismantling of cement scrappers, maintenance, repair and construction of cement propellers for SECIL – part of the Cenfim group.
  • Number of employees doubled to 20


  • First maintenance contract for the annual shutdown of the main paper machine in Portucel Viana


  • Repair to various equipment for the Serviços Municipalizados de Saneamento Básico de Viana do Castelo (Municipal water supply and treatment services)


  • Conclusion of the new headquarters in Perre
  • Ship repair – Seacarrier – at Navalrocha shipyard in Lisbon


  • Inauguration of the new headquarters in Perre with 1800 square meters
  • Ship repair – Seacarrier – at Navalrocha shipyard in Lisbon


  • Turnover exceeds € 1.000.000
  • Transportes Marítimos Transinsular, S.A. as a client of reference
  • First intervention on the main paper machine of PORTUCEL INDUSTRIA Setúbal


  • Provide services and support for the assembly of a gas turbine ordered by Rolls-Royce, USA 2
  • Acquisition of 8000 m of land in the Industrial Park – Parque Industrial de Lanheses – Viana do Castelo.


  • Start providing services in Spain, (GOROSTIDI, S.A., for the EUROPACK Group, Toulosa and Valladolid)
  • Repairing and reconditioning vacuum pumps (weight of 9000 tonnes) for PORTUCEL VIANA
  • Fisrt tasks of the annual shutdown at COMPANHIA DE CELULOSE DO CAIMA, in Abrantes


  • Provide services for GOROSTIDI, S.A. – EUROPACK group, Toulosa and Valladolid – Spain
  • Services in Belgium for GYG and GELDOF Groups in Antwerp
  • Services in France (GOROSTIDI, S.A. for the EUROPAK Group, in Le Mans, for the VINISEL Group in Reims)
  • Set up branch office in Spain
  • Turnover exceeds € 2.500.000


  • Start providing services in Algeria
  • License Achilles / Repro
  • Request to change license to class 5 (projects up to € 2.656.000)